View Full Version : Have I killed my ECR?

eli griggs
08-19-2007, 14:14
While checking out my ECR for use with a Sunpak Softlite 1600A I have partly disabled the camera.

For the first several flashes, the camera worked as it should; a green light indicated the need for a flash assist and the shutter/aperture worked fine in existing light mode, opening up/slowing down for dim conditions and stopping down, etc for bright light.

I cycled the GN numbers for the camera on the lens and selected all three different flash settings on the Sunpak.

Then the flash stopped firing, the green light no longer lights and the camera seems to stuck in a flash speed/aperture funk. It will slightly adjust for bright light but basically it does not make much of a difference when I change ASA to the low 25 setting and the high 800 setting.

The batteries are fresh, tested with a meter, and the yellow light does light up in the viewfinder and the top plate. I've tried a small, no frills flash as well, that is manual only... no joy there! I've removed the batteries for the time being

I did google the model and I've seen where the flash has been reported
inoperable on some working cameras but that's about all I know.

Does anyone here have any insights to share?