View Full Version : Which Retina can use these filters?

07-27-2007, 19:55
When I puerchase my Retina IIIc, it comes with a lot of assessories. But some of them would fit on IIIc. Here they are:


The size of the B+W green-yellow filter is about d. 21mm and the close use N-1 is about d. 22mm.


IThe instruction booklet of the close up filte says that it can be used with Retina IIa and Ia. HOwver, the IIa that I have found does not fit on it. Do anyone know which retina canuse them?

07-27-2007, 20:06
Kodak has been notorious for reusing names for lenses and cameras even when they had no tie to products bearing previous names.

The size sort of indicates that these would fit the early Retinas -- the prewar zone focus cameras.

However, it could fit the model often known as the Retina 1 (as opposed to Roman numeral I). I want to say that this is Type 141. I don't have my Retina book in front of me, so I could be wrong.

There were 32 models, if I recall, and numerous variations within each model.

The writing and styling of the booklet definitely is prewar. So it's likely one of the zone focus cameras.

08-05-2007, 20:20
I see. Thank you very much for providing information to me.
Can they be used with other cameras but no Kodak Retina?