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J. Borger
03-07-2005, 08:26
Hello all.

As a dedicated Canon 1Ds user i wanted something more portable badly.
I always wanted a digital Leica .... but as we know ...... these are not available.

I read the Sean Read articles on LL and the interest was there ... but the Epson brand name got in the way ...... what to expect from them??
But i was sold instantly when i had the opportunity to handle and testshoot a R-D1 about a week ago.
So i bought the little machine with 35 and 50mm Leica Summicron lenses based on the handle and feel of the camera. Hoping for the best as far as image quality was concerned.

First time the files popped up on my screen i was chocked ... the softness of the files compared to 1Ds files.... geeze i was afraid i made a major and expensive mistake.

So i read a bit about d100 softness on sevaral forums and started working with the R-d1 files ... .... after a couple of hours i could not be more happy with the results i get.

The prints are in one word awesome .... .. very diferent from 1Ds prints ... hard to put a finger on it ... harsher but ....... with a lot of character .......... more depth ..... perhaps more filmlike ..........

I strictly work in B&W (raw) with the R-D1 ... love its B&W workflow and conversions ... i print on an Epson 2200 with the Harrington QRIP.

I assume it's a temporary moment of insanity when i say i prefer the r-d1 prints to those of my beloved 1Ds ....... but the prints sure look different!

Kind regards


A question about the Epson software ..... it is imho very strange the files in the folder i open are numbered in a sequential way 0001 0002 etc ... is it possible to let it display the Epson file names??

Sean Reid
03-07-2005, 09:59
Nope, I prefer them as well even though my 1Ds files are technically sharper, have more resolution, etc....it's those lenses. Enjoy.


P.S. As to your question...If you find a way to make them display with filenames, please let me know.