View Full Version : Olympus 35 UC

08-26-2003, 03:56
I wasn't aware of the existence of this Olympus rangefinder
until a nice one showed up a couple of days ago on an auction site.
I've found very little on this camera on the net, it appears to be a
cosmetic update of the sought after Olympus 35 SP. The specs are
almost identical, but I'd like to hear any personal opinions on this
one. Looks like a very capable rangefinder, what would be a good
price for this camera?

back alley
08-27-2003, 19:44
sorry, can't help.
i have never heard of the uc, maybe i'll have to do some investigatin'.

Rich Silfver
08-27-2003, 21:06
The Olympus 35UC is commonly referred to as 'the elusive'.
It is by far the most hard-to-find of the Olympus RF cameras.
I believe it was only ever made in black and it is in specs exactly the same as the 35SPn (which is ALMOST the same as the 35SP..).

A UC in good condition would probably run about 150-200 dollars these days depending on how many zuikoholics gets hold of the ad and starts to bid on it.

If you are intending to buy it as a user and not as a collection piece I would recommend you to get a 35SP or SPn if, and I assume it will, the bidding goes over 100-110 dollars.