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06-14-2007, 05:54
Its manual! Finally was able to find one and the explanations for the vertical lines in its rather crammed viewfinder: They are specially made for the stereofoto contraption. Its in German but if anybody's interested I am going to tmake a pdf of it.

Best Regards

06-18-2007, 15:38
Cool to know -- I had always wondered what those were.

And are the IIcs really rare? I sort of stumbled on mine -- but boy it takes nice pics!


06-19-2007, 00:32
Hi the IIc's are rather "common", the IIC's are said to be very rare even rarer than the IIIC's. I like my IIc/IIC's also a lot! They are not encumbered with a lightmeter have therefore sleeker lines and make great pics. The only drawback when compared with the IIa: the f 2.8 instead of the f2 Xenon.

06-19-2007, 12:33
Hi Brian you are right about the lens quality!I found it some kind of fiendish marketing trick to provide the two successors of the IIa with different lenses. Sometimes a f2 would be quite welcome on my IIc. but I manage. I think the lightmeter makes the IIC somwhat more fragile and dirupts the clar lines that the IIa and the IIc have. Of course the IIC with it enlarged chassis is also a bit awkward when comboned to a IIC but hey the framelines are much more visible! OK I'll simply provide some pscans of the Manual as the frameline jungle of the JJC confused my quite a lot