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back alley
02-23-2004, 18:58
just won a konica c35 on ebay.

i'm guessing that bill or someone else here has one, so i'm looking for any comments you may have about the camera.

thanks in advance,

02-23-2004, 19:46
The camera always seemed a little small for my hands, but during a time I toted one almost daily it never broke or went out of adjustment. For an auto camera of its day, the shutter release is light, a good thing. The light meter was fairly accurate, but that was in the early '70s and there is no telling how your camera was used and abused in all that time. If the meter is good, I think you will like the camera. My only knock on the C35 was no manual override, but somehow I never really missed it.

02-23-2004, 20:21
Actually, that's one camera I *don't* have! They always get bid up some silly amount at the end, it seems. What I do have is making me mad - two newly-acquired Vivitar 35ES's. Both have problems - one has a stuck shutter, the other has a non-functioning aperture stop-down. Paid too much for them, both described (of course) as either 'mint' or 'works great'.

I'm intrigued by the compact 35's, but the only ones I have now that are any good are a pair of Olympus 35 RC's. Those are nice.

Let me know how your C35 works out! I did do some reading on them online - it seems that there are a number of 'confusing' variations. There is a C35 V, which is a non-rangefinder. There is also a C35 Automatic, which lacks manual controls. And there is a C35AF, which (as I recall) the AF stands for AutoFlash, not AutoFocus. Could be wrong on that one.

Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks

02-24-2004, 00:41
Lucky you Joe! :) I've been looking at the C35 some times too. But as Bill said prices always seemed to grow out of what I think was reasonable. That lens has an outstanding reputation, and probably you've already google'd the web for info about it, but sure I have some interesting links at home.

Bill, sorry to hear that from the 35ES, that one was in my list too but with that stories I'm starting to think a bit about it... I've found myself browsing the stock lists of online used camera shops more than ebay, as it seems the bargain time is over...

at least for well known items, now if we talk about sleepers... :)


Stu :)
02-24-2004, 02:15
I've often wondered about the Konica C35s. I'm not really a big EE (electronic exposure) camera fan. I've got a EE Canonet 28 which is FANTASTIC for Kodak HIE Infrared...
...However the C35s show up quite often on a NZ auction site, there one there now, a Konica C35 EFR3 to be exact going for $25NZ. (http://www.trademe.co.nz/structure/listings/0345-0909-/auction-9159434.htm).

Stu :)

02-26-2004, 00:46
I've just seen this one and thought it could be of someone's interest:


he says: overall in good shape with a small scrath on the focusing knob. lenses: both in good shape, no fungus, no scratches, no other defects. shutter: working ok even in the slowest speeds. meter: non-working and corrosion present on the battery compartment. focusing screen: good shape. he says nothing about the winding crank though. black case included.

shipping to spain, 6 euros. europe, 20 euros. worlwide, 38 euros (pheew! but that's the real shipping cost if you use the standard method with customs declarated value).

btw I know nothing at all from this seller, but curiously this one is still at the starting price of $75.

Oscar :)

02-26-2004, 02:16
Oscar, I have kinda been watching the Yashica Mat 124G prices on Ebay. 3 sold yesterday which appeared to be in very good condition in the $200(USD). After a little TLC if the winding crank is good, and the rest of the camera is as described, this may be a good deal. You can live without the meter if you have a handheld.

02-26-2004, 02:53
Rover, in fact I'm not thinking on bidding at all there, just wanted to share it here as there are some TLR fans too. I'm trying to stay out of new old gear for a while, I simply can't justify getting more :)

02-26-2004, 04:32
I know what you mean!!!

back alley
03-06-2004, 13:54
so, the konica c35 showed up at my door yesterday.:D

i forgot to buy a battery for it before hand and ran out today to pick one up.:)

the camera looks really good, nice and clean with no physical injuries to the body.:D

looked thru the viewfinder and found what looks to be some sticky substance inside. it's still usable but not crystal clear.:confused:

put in the battery and the meter doesn't work meaning the camera doesn't work.:mad:

checked out all the usual suspects, cleaned the contacts, took off the baseplate looking for broken wires etc.:(

still does not work.:mad:

i gotta stay away from ebay!!!


03-06-2004, 14:13
Sorry to hear that Joe, really :( maybe time to have a look at www.kyphoto.com/classics/forum to ask for some repair advice ? You'll find a lot of really friendly and helpful people there, so you may just ask...

Good luck anyway, and please don't feel bad, we've all been caught by evilBay sometimes...

Best !


03-06-2004, 16:21
Well, a Yashica Mat 124G is making it's way to me after a little bid yesterday. Oh well, another oldie but goodie for my coat rack.

I hang my cameras on a nice oak coat rack, I keep them in their cases to keep the dust off them, and in the open so they get some air. It works nice when they are not being used.