View Full Version : Yashica Electro GSN homemade batt

02-26-2005, 15:17
I have been given a Yashica GSN in MINT condition. I'm not sure it was ever used, even the case is perfect. i would like to give it a try. I'm aware that the original battery is a mercury battery and I can't find the PX32a locally. (I know I can order an adapter from the yashica guy but I thought I could make my own.

Ive seen posts about using LR44 batteries. How do you do this? Is it as simple as rolling them up in tin foil?

What was your battery solution?

02-26-2005, 15:34
Easier: take some tinfoil, make a ball from it, pur battery in its chamber and stuff in the ball, screw on cap - works for me!


02-26-2005, 22:07
Just got back from Radio Shack, got a PX28a and some springs from AA battery pack. I'll try it out when I get home. thanks

02-26-2005, 23:53
when I bought my Electro GS from a local photo store, I was fully ready to go the spring/tin foil route, but the guy put in an A32PX, a 6 V alkaline battery. It fit perfectly and it doesn't need the spring. He showed me in a photo battery book that it was the recommended battery.

02-27-2005, 01:02
I use the tin foil route but have always been slightly concerned that I am adding some resistance into the meter circuit which might damag it (probably an irrational thought). I'll try the A32PX - I had not heard about that one. Thanks.

02-28-2005, 05:31
Zuikologist - the resistance of a chunk of aluminum foil is next to nothing. It would only matter if it's a thin wire. Don't worry.