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02-25-2005, 16:32
Hi there,

I'm new to this forums, so I hope I'm not asking a question thats been asked before - I did have a quick search but couldn't find anything!

I've just bought myself a Yashica Electro GSN from eBay - described as in mint condition - but when it arrived on my doorstep, after a quick look around it I've found that the rangefinder within it isn't working. Basically, although the lens itself can be focused, the rangefinder dot doesn't move at all, so its impossible to align the two images to focus. I know this is really an issue for the seller and I to discuss - as the description didn't really take this into account - but in the meantime I wondered if anyone here had ever heard of this problem, had it fixed on their camera or indeed had to rectify it themselves? Although I have another rangefinder I'm still quite new to classic photography and so don't have a clue how the finder mechanism works, so any help or explanations would be much appreciated!!


02-25-2005, 16:45
Thanks for the quick reply! I'm definitely going to see it through with the seller, the only problem is now its here and I've seen what a lovely camera it is "in the flesh" its even harder to think of having to part with it! :) At least I have an idea that what it is now, and its even better to know its not something thats likely to have happened through shipping.
Thanks again!

02-25-2005, 16:57
Ahhh, I see, that does look a little fiddly, though at least you would only have to take the top of the body and the top plate off to see whats what, which doesn't seem too bad. If things pan out into me keeping it I may see if I can get it done professionally for a reasonable amount - if not I may be asking for a few more tips on Electro repairs!

02-26-2005, 12:24
You can also look on: www.yashica-guy.com
There are some repair tips or maybe you can contact him.
I hope you can fix it, I love that camera.

02-28-2005, 03:23
Hi again,

I had a look on Yashica-Guy, and couldn't find any direct references tomy particular problem; I may try and e-mail him as you suggest.
Just as an aside, which I know will be quite subjective and is bound to change from place to place, but does anyone want to hazard a guess at how much a repair like this may cost? I would think it is a small job rather than a big one, but that would only be my summary from whats been said on here so far!

02-28-2005, 04:44
I'd get another Electro and use one of them for parts. You can get them for very little you know where.