View Full Version : Retina II back from CLA

04-02-2007, 20:45
Finally! This model 011 went to Chris Sherlock in NZ after I got it from an ePray auction in mid-February, and it came back today. It cleaned up very well, thought I'd share a few images of the results. We may actually get a dry day tomorrow in Seattle, so I'll wander out to fire off a role of HP5 and see how it performs (at least as well as I can do).

04-02-2007, 21:23
Now THAT'S downright purty! Hope it shoots as good as it looks.

Tom Harrell
04-03-2007, 04:56
What was the cost of the CLA? What was the cost of shipping to NZ? Was it a short turn around time? The camera sure looks good, I'd like to see some of the pictures it takes.


04-03-2007, 07:38
Currently, Chris charges US$80 for a Retina CLA. That includes return postage. Cocking racks on the IIa and IIIc are additional ($20 for a replacement rack). US airmail shipping from the west coast is 6-8 days at ~$12, and Chris has 1+ weeks turnaround, depending on what's ahead in the queue. Top notch work, though. This is the second camera he's done for me. Drop him a line, he's always ready to chat about Retinas. See http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/%7ESrawhiti/index.html for contact info.