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02-17-2005, 07:15
Dear All,
Looks like nobody will take me up on my offer to trade the Lynx 14E IC. I'm thinking of listing it for sale on Photo.net (and here). I'd rather sell it than auction it. What would a fair asking price be? Condition is as follows:

New light seals
battery adapter works with to sr44 batteries
fully functioning and accurate meter (tested with film)

Film advance stop to prevent double winding not working
EV case not in good condition

any ideas?

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Thanks so much!

02-17-2005, 08:53
I would like to buy or trade :-) but I am not sure that I have anything of your preference - perhaps a canon 70-210 USM 3,5-4,5 EOS ZOOM in nice condition

02-17-2005, 09:03
I really have my mind on a Minolta 7sII at this point. (Fleabay here I come!) I'm not much of a collector and am really auditioning a camera to be my monogamous shooter, and the 7SII idea popped out of nowhere but might fit the bill since it's similar in specs to some of the Olys but has no AE exposure lockout.

But anyway PM me what you think a fair price would be for the Lynx and we can talk about it. I'd like it go to a good home.

02-17-2005, 09:31
I will PM you later this evening (it is 6,30 pm in my part of the world -- I am on my way out right now :-) but will be back about 10,30 PM my time cheers

02-17-2005, 11:10
I would start a price for a fully functioning Lynx at around $30 at least.

If not auctioning it maybe $50.

02-17-2005, 18:10
If I was auctioning it I would probably start even lower than $30. A scan of completed auctions yielded crazy high prices on these things! when I look on the fleabay, I always look for indications that the camera actually functions (unless I find something mislabeled or really cheap and am willing to risk it.) I'd never drop serious money without an indication the camera worked. But these completed auctions were a mixed bag...sometimes the seller had tested it, sometimes not, and they all ended high. I guess collectors looking for good book ends?

02-18-2005, 02:46

I just sold an exc++ 14e for $120 on the bay, including a $25 B+W UV filter. It was in perfect working order, with just a few scratches on it. If the advance is the only problem (is it a minor one? I've never heard of anything like it), you should get at least $70.

02-18-2005, 05:50
On another thread, a few folks said they had the same advance problem and just lived with it, and one said he fixed it by lubing the mechanism. I could never see the catch that's suppost to prevent you from advancing the film before you've taken a picture so I left it. It's not a huge problem...you just have to make sure you advance the film b/f you take a picture and not after, which is, after all, better for the mechanism to not leave it wound.

02-18-2005, 06:44
I just opened up the Lynx (I really should be working) and it looks like the spring is intact. The lever only moves very sluggishly, so I think I need to lube it. When you push down on the shutter release, should that also push the lever down (using that little bar that bridges both posts) thus releasing it and allowing the film to be advanced again?