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03-22-2007, 18:49
Actually, I have quite a few cameras but I noticed this forum for the Retina and thought I would say HI. I have a Retina II with the Kodak Ektar 2.0 lens. I recall from a couple of years ago when I got it that I emailed a "guru" of retinas with my info and he dated it - I forget what he told me now. Anyhow, I learned photography back in the 70s on a Seagul and 110 cameras. After that, I finally got into it for real with a Contaflex Super B...

Long story longer, I have a complete-ish Nikon system for my tastes (still want the 300 f2.8 though!!) and got turned off of digital and remembered I really like film - so I am heading back to my roots with this Retina and a new to me Leica IIIc (with the 15mm Heliar) that I had serviced by DAG (thanks to lurking on the RF forum). And shooting B&W...what fun!

Here's a picture of my retina:



PS - If you google "super 8mm" chances are you will find out my other hobby - I am typically number 1 ranked when Kodak doesn't bump me (or Wikipedia). Otherwise, you can find some for hire shots at my other website: www.outriggercanoe.com

David Murphy
03-22-2007, 23:56
Awesome looking Retina. Welcome to RFF. I am waiting for a Retina Ia to arrive - can't wait to film test it.

Tom Harrell
03-23-2007, 00:35
Hello Mike and Welcome to the RFF. I have a Retina IIa that I shoot with sometimes, really like the camera.

Tom Harrell

03-23-2007, 01:27

What a nice cam!

03-23-2007, 04:31
Hey, thanks for that! Nice to know.


03-23-2007, 16:14
Welcome, Mike! I'm waiting for my II to return from New Zealand, Chris Sherlock just finished cleaning it up after being unused for ??? decades. It's a Rodenstock lens model that the seller's father picked in Germany back in the day. The case came with it as well -- got to love distressed leather. I'd be curious to see some results from the Ektar lens, and hear how you like it.

03-27-2007, 13:41
Actually, I have quite a few cameras but I noticed this forum for the Retina and thought I would say HI. I have a Retina II with the Kodak Ektar 2.0 lens.


Hi Mike,
Welcome. Let us see how the Ektar performs. I wander why its price is so high!

04-15-2008, 22:08
Welcome super8mm, I'm new to this forum & new to range finder camera too.
I've just got my Retina IIIC and really love its quality.

As Letien mention above, I would like to see the picture taken with Ektar lens too.

robin a
04-16-2008, 08:03
Hi,I have a Retina IIc,sharp,sharp sharp.You'll like it...........Robin

04-16-2008, 20:07

You must have the Retina II, type 011, built between 1946-1949. It is the only Retina II version listed in the McKeown's book showing the Ektar f2 lens.

Evidently yours was sold outside of the US because Kodak didn't offer the camera with that lens in the states. I'll bet the serial number does not start with EK.

Roger Hicks
04-17-2008, 01:11

Lovely little cameras, aren't they? I have never used folders (35mm or 120) that I like better.



Roger Hicks
04-17-2008, 01:40
I don't understand why these year old threads pop up as new on the front page...

You're right: it is odd. I tend to look at 'Today's Posts' and respond to the ones that interest me, without looking at the start date. But how, as you say, do they get revived in the first place?



Brian Sweeney
04-19-2008, 16:09
Well, it did remind me to finish off the roll in the Retina II with the 47mm F2 Ektar.

The year of manufacture can be derived from the word "CAMEROSITY". The Letters are substituted for "1234567890". My lens is an "EO", made in 1946. It is an early serial number for Post-War Retina's. My guess is that Kodak revived its factory in Germany just after the war, but found it necessary to manufacture the optics in the US until Schneider and Rodenstock were back on their feet.

And for anyone wishing to clean or calibrate the viewfinder on a knob-wind retina- the advance knob unscrews in the opposite direction of the rewind knob.