View Full Version : S3 2000 dimensions?

dave lackey
03-20-2007, 12:56
Can't seem to find the dimensions of the S3 2000...even after extensive search. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance...


dave lackey
03-20-2007, 16:15
Hmmm...sorry to post what must seem trivial, but the dimensions are very important for what I need at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

dave lackey
03-20-2007, 16:59
Thanks Brian! Just what I was looking for! :p

Now to get to work on my little project...

03-20-2007, 17:02
It's about 10 percent smaller than an F. A couple millimeters smaller than an FM2.

I won't even ask about the little project.

03-20-2007, 18:18
Dave, another thing to remember .... RF lenses are a lot smaller than SLR lenses.

03-20-2007, 18:50
Dave, you don't really need to know!!
You Do need one!
Resistance is futile!!


03-20-2007, 19:06
The S3-2000 dimensions are not too small, not too large -- Just Right!

Weight isn't bad. Lighter than an M.

So simple, even a child can use it!