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Richard Black
02-13-2005, 15:38
:D Is there any interest in a forum dedicated to Leica and the screw mount cameras. I noticed there is those guys with the M mount, as if I could afford one of them, but I think there are alot of the old LTM, as it is referred to, around. If there is no interest, oh well. :o

02-13-2005, 16:00
That would definitely be useful, as I have posted a couple of LTM related questions into the M-mount forum before.

02-13-2005, 16:05
I don't know, Richard; I guess we'll see what the comments are. I'd just say that it seems less divided now due to the presense and popularity of the Voigtlander Bessas. Most of the CV lenses are LTM mount, while all the current Bessas are M-bayonet, so screw-to-bayonet adaptors are selling like never before! People are putting LTM lenses on all sorts of bodies, and I'd guess there's renewed interest in older Leica LTM lenses as well. So I wonder just how much reason there is to have separate fora for the different mounts.

Nikon Bob
02-13-2005, 16:49
If I have any Leica LTM posts they are posted in the M Forum. Maybe easier to drop the M and just have a Leica RF Forum to cover all.


02-13-2005, 17:17
I agree that to have a forum named specifically for the Leica M mount doesn't sound all that inviting to someone wanting to post a Leica LTM inquiry. Renaming it as the Leica forum would be one solution. Although not perfect, the better solution would be to have a Leica LTM forum.

It's interesting that in regarding the C/V line up there is a Bessa forum, plus a Cosina forum and the Voigtlander forum. When I see Voigtlander - I think mainly of the Bessa II, the Prominent and the Vito III.

back alley
02-13-2005, 17:31
it's not only leica that uses ltm lenses or has ltm bodies.

my canons are all ltm, in fact all canon rfs are ltm. (except for 0.95 lens), i think.

anyway, wouldn't it need to be more than just about leicas is my point?!


02-13-2005, 17:57
I also find the "Leica M" category to be limiting and confusing when I've wanted to post a strictly LTM matter. I've have often wished for either a combined "Leica LTM & M" section or simply a "Leica" section.

A section for "LTM Cameras" in addition to the "Leica M" would be another solution and would include the various Canon, Nicca, Tower and other LTM cameras.

Jorge, I believe you're the one who will need to address this issue. :)


Richard Black
02-14-2005, 04:54
:cool: As always, thanks for the comments. It seems there are opinions on all sides. The LTM forum would be an addition that would encompass all manufacturers of LTM lens. The VC Bessa forums come close, but they are not specific to this issue. Anyway, thanks and maybe this will happen. From a great kid's movie, "it could happen".

02-14-2005, 14:04
I agree with Walker, How about a section or LTM Leicas & copies ( excluding FSU copies ,Canons, & C.V . Ltms , as these have a dedicated section). As a shooter of japanese Leica copies, I would find it very usefull.

02-14-2005, 14:24
I would go for a Leica LTM including copies and what ever stuf that will fit on a Leica LTM - new and old - and the same thing with the Leica M - including what ever will ft on a M
While we are at it something on rangfinder - technical cameras (says the one that just got his Linhof super Technica III (1952/53) rangfinder camera and could use som good advice

02-14-2005, 14:27
An LTM forum would be nice, but then again, so would a Zeiss Ikon Contax &/or Nikon RF forum(s).

02-15-2005, 12:59
I would love to read about the rf Contax & especially about the S series Nikons . I do not own a Contax or a Nikon, but maybe someday a user S2 will come my way, as the reissue SP is only made for the for display cases of the well heeled owner . If only Nikon would gear up to make this camera , say in China & with a retail price of 2200 dollars US.

02-15-2005, 13:13
I'm with Brian here. It'd be better to just drop the M from the Leica forum. I don't see the need to go every which way at one point... After all, we're Leica-Canonet-Contax-Zeiss-Bessa shooters, aren't we?

Edit: Wouldn't the title of this thread be better as "heresy"? Just wondering...