View Full Version : MIR 37mm f2.8...Hav anyone tried on Bessa R?

Max 2.8
02-10-2005, 02:04
Hi everyone,

I am Max and I am new here. I don't have a RF yet but is trying to get one, most likely a Bessa R. Just need to find more info before buying since budget is really tight.

I am going for Russian lenses after reading a few threads here. So far, I have bought Jupiter 3 and 9 from Ebay. But for wide angle, there seems to be no choice since J12 doen;t fit Bessa R.

Recently, I saw a MIR 37mm f2.8 on Ebay, Its described as a M39 mount but didn't mention anything about Leica or Fed or Zorki fit, so just wondering have anyone here tried this lens on a Bessa R?

Thanks a million!
Max 2.8

02-10-2005, 03:04
Mir-1 was made for M39 and M42 SLR cameras. The M39 will mechanically fit an LTM rangefinder, but due to differing working distance of the SLR lens you'll have problems with focusing.