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02-09-2005, 04:03
Hello all,

Just registered after buying an Electro 35 GSN.. some great knowledge on here. I used SLRs quite a bit as a teenager but dropped it off for a decade (or two). After getting some really insipid digital shots on a holiday to Vietnam last year, I decided to dig out my old FTb but stumbled upon RFs while in eBay. Now have a GSN and am awaiting delivery of a Rollei 35S(!). Having great fun with Tri-X again!

I know the flash thing has been done to death in loads of places but I just can't get my head around it. Would be very grateful for comments...


- to use a (non-fill) flash on the GSN, I should set it to the flash mark (not AUTO or B) and set my aperture to that suggested by my flash unit's dial thing. The camera will be syncing at 1/30th

I am using a hot-shoe mounted Nikon SB-10 - some details:



- the little rotating ring on the flash: is this just there to save me calculating the GN/focus equation?

- should I use the flash on manual? Why not use one of the auto settings which will give me many more shots from the batteries with just a slightly reduced GN?

- if the flash is set to one of its auto settings, will it use the thyristor to 'stop' whenever it detects enough light?

- how do I configure/set my aperture for fill flash? AUTO and set ASA 1/3rd over?

- why should I use the flash-setting for non-fill? Since the Copal will sync at any speed, why constrain myself to 1/30th? The aperture will still be manually set if I leave it at AUTO - does it mess up the light-meter's shutter speed calculation?

- how do I compensate for taping some diffusing tissue paper over the flash in manual mode? Experiment, e.g. an extra 2 stops? Do I even need to do this in AUTO (thyristor should detect reduced light, no?)

- is the Electro easier to use with the recommended Yashica flash unit and are these still available?

- Would anyone recommend a particular flash from experience? Would like something light, compact (ideally 2xAA batteries) for indoors/people shots.

I know this is a lot of questions and I'd be interested in answers to any of them. I'll consider putting up a GSN with Flash page somewhere if I get enough response.


02-09-2005, 05:33
Hi Kam, you can take a look here:
Welcome to the forum,


02-09-2005, 07:41

Those are my questions *after* reading those pages and all the dozens of other electro-related pages around the web!!

(Having spent a month or two researching RFs before buying I feel I know Karen Nakamura's site like the back of my hand, not to mention Matt's Classic Cameras, CameraQuest etc etc)

There are lots of pages about the camera but I can't find a clear, worked example of using auto flash (perhaps because you pretty much can't?) and very little on manual flash. Even the Yashica printed manual is a little ambiguous...

But thanks for the response...

02-09-2005, 08:54
Cam, you should consider doing your own try and error investigation, I'm sure that we can all benefit from your experience and photos.

BTW the manual and an advertisement, claims that you dont need a flash unit, personally as it is a matter of taste, I tend to avoid the flash use.
I'm sure there is a world of benefits and ways of doing so.

I'll be glad to see your results in the gallery, you could make me change my mind.