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Jim Watts
02-07-2005, 02:09
Although I tend to use available light werever possible and with iso up to1600 the R-D1 makes this easy, there are times when I need to use flash. Its not noted in the manual but Epson's Web Site says this
" Please note when using flashes that they do not use high voltage, since the flash shoe of the R-D1 is not equipped for it. "

I had intended to use my Vivitar 283's which I use with a Quantam Battery 1 for quicker recycling, but I seem to remember measuring the sync voltage at 250 volts, which I assume would be too high, although Epson do not state a maximum.

I could of course use the PC socket but the hotshoe would be more convienient. Doe's anyone have any experience with flash, especially the 283 in the hotshoe? Or know the maximum voltage that can be used?

02-07-2005, 02:59
Just use one of these. Should do the trick. I use it on my Leica D2. The 283 works great with it.


02-18-2005, 21:23
I have a Vivitar 285, and it's trigger voltage comes in at 7 volts.

I have to Vivitar 283's and they both measure 98 volts.

I would never use 250 volts on a digital. I have a Olympus E1, and even though the manual set this as the limit, a tech warned me not to chance it, and so I don't.

I use the Vivital 285 without a hitch. Apparently, Vivitars, depending on where and when they were manufactured (some in china, others in Japan, etc) the voltages vary so you should always check the sync voltage.


Jim Watts
02-19-2005, 04:44
Thanks for the replies. The Wein Safe Sync is available in the U.K but costs about 45 about $100 so is fairly expensive for what it is, especially as I picked up most of my 283's (I have 4) for less than 15.

On Thursday a friend showed me a Metz 34CS-2 which is tiny (although no bounce head) but still has a guide number of 34. He was using on his M6 and had taped over all the shiny silver bits with black tape to make it less visable. This seems a better size match and balance than a 283/285 and it worked fine on my R-D1. It costs about 120 in the U.K. but he picked his up in Bankok for half of this. So at about 45 for the Wein as against 70 for an imported Metz I think I might go for the Metz.

Sean Reid
02-19-2005, 16:28
The Wein is a good investment though because then you can use all kinds of flashes. Using a flash with too high a voltage can cause serious damage to a $3K camera.



Jim Watts
02-20-2005, 02:03
This makes sense Sean as I could then be sure my 283's with Quantam pack would be safe on my Canon 20D which for me is a more likely combination.

02-20-2005, 08:28
There does seem to be a wide variation in price for the Wein. B&H sells it for $50 U.S., while, for instance, Henry's online site (Canada) offers it for $100 U.S.