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Rich Silfver
01-28-2004, 23:24
Ok, so it was inevitable...I now have turned my hungry Olympus eye after black versions of the cameras I already have...

This is my latest acquisitions, will be arriving next week and described as absolute mint (fingers crossed....).

Taking black versions, versions with black/chrome buttons, battery check or not, etc into consideration I estimate it that I still have about ten more classic Oly35 compacts to gather... Well atleast it's an affordable obsession. This black little beauty went for 33 dollars.

01-29-2004, 06:12
Nice catch. Hope it is as you expect.

01-29-2004, 08:25
Bottom feeding is so fun.

01-29-2004, 11:57
Congrats Richard ! your collection is growing quickly :)

Definitely someday I must try that Zuiko glass... today I had what seemed a nice Oly XA w/A11 tracked but after reading that the seller would charge me 35-40 USD for shipping to Spain I've decided to stay away.

BTW, maybe I should start a new thread for this question, but anyway here it goes: what do you thing about the XA ? I've read a lot of good comments but still not sure if I will find use to that tiny camera and if I would feel comfortable using one now that I'm used to bigger and heavier RFs...

OTH I suppose it's very useful as a daily camera, but small RFs such as a canonet or a kiev don't take that much space inside a shoulder bag, even though they weight a lot more...

Not sure about what to do... get one ? don't get one ? :confused: am I doing wrong ignoring a milestone like that one ?

01-29-2004, 17:29
Massive cool Richard! Best I could do lately was scoop an Olympus EC (not the black one though) for $1.00 on Ebay. Won't hold my breath on whether or not it works 100% but for $1.00 I can always use it for parts if nothing else. And besides, like most Ebay buyers, I'm a bit of a gambling man anyway.

Rich Silfver
01-29-2004, 22:03
Taffer, as much as a Maitani fan as I am.. I've never felt 100% comfortable with the XA-series. It's just a tad bit too small for me and I really like the more 'retro-look' of the 35 classic compacts.
The lens in the XA is excellent though - it's a six element in five groups (F.Zuiko) 35/2.8 lens that is rumoured to have close to 60lpm at 5.6 and up.

Personally I nowadays carry an EC2 in my coat jacket. It's smaller and it's lens is far from as sharp as the XA but... I like the camera :-)

For more information on the camera this is a pretty fun site: http://www.diaxa.com/xa/

01-30-2004, 03:22
Thanx for the link Richard !

hmmm, yes it looks really nice and its lens is completely out of doubt, but still not 100% sure.... As there seems to be plenty of them on auction, I think I'll use it as a 'replacement bid' if I am outbid in the last moment on some item I was wining :)

Rich Silfver
01-31-2004, 22:38
Uh-oh... I seem to be in my 'black phase'.. Just picked up a nice looking Olympus Trip 35 in black. With 15 years in production the Olympus Trip 35 exists in four versions.

Rich Silfver
02-03-2004, 00:42
So got the first of the black ones today.. The Olympus 35EC.

Cosmetically in absolute mint. No scratches, dents - nothing. Beautiful!

When I tried it out it didn't respond to the batteries but after cleaning (scratching and applying vinegar) it kicked into life.

The "only" thing that is not working at this time is the aperture 'window'. When you change the ASA setting on these models there's an aperture window that is directly tied to the shutter speed. It's frozen and won't move. Will see if I can coerce it on my own or if it will have to be repaired.

So I guess I'm 70% happy.

Rich Silfver
02-03-2004, 00:45
The warmth and glow that some scissor-scratching and vinegar soaked q-tip can introduce...

02-03-2004, 16:20
A pair of cuties, Richard, to join your growing family! No rangefinder on either, but it looks like the EC has the same lens as my RC...