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back alley
01-26-2004, 15:11
so, there's an oly sp on ebay with a starting bid of $99 u.s.
that's about 130 cdn.
tell me that's too much and i won't bid...promise!


01-27-2004, 05:11
Joe, if I had known that you were looking seriously for one I'd have sent you this link:


Search for completed auctions for that camera and you'll have an idea of how much they're ususally sold.

$99 seems a bit high for me, but you can get further feedback from our Olympus expert :), and remember what he said, it's all about condition, condition and condition ;)

back alley
01-27-2004, 18:36
i am serious in my desire for an oly sp but i'm starting to reconsider my options and strategies.
i want to get a reasonably good 35 rf that will accept interchangable lenses. my budget does not allow for a straight ahead purchase so i'll need to save a bit before hand. therefore i'm gonna try to stay away from bidding for a while and see if i can make some headway in the savings department.
but thanks for thinking about me.


Rich Silfver
01-27-2004, 20:46
Do keep in mind that the SP ofcourse is a fixed lens camera.

back alley
01-27-2004, 21:02
of this i am aware.

i'm starting to think in terms of a bessa r2 or an old leica, maybe an m5. or a hexar rf.
too many choices - not enuf money...