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back alley
01-24-2007, 12:57

the cosmetics are better than described but there are lots of cleaning marks on the front element.
i hope they do not impact the final image.
there is a built in hood and i just happened to have a clean uv filter in the right size.
i love the look and feel of it and it seems ok on the small om body.

with the 100 and i think the 28 (or maybe the 35), i will have the slr kit i want.

looking forward to some time on the weekend.


01-24-2007, 14:08
Joe, have fun with it -- I'm sure the cleaning marks won't make a difference. Post some pictures from it (and of it -- I haven't seen one in the flesh).

01-24-2007, 16:01
joe: I forget which version of the 50 you have, but I think maybe the 28 is a good compliment. But then, which 28? Oh, you have the 3.5? You'll need the 2.8 and 2.0 just to cover the different signatures of that focal length. And while you may not THINK you need the 35/2.8 (or 35/2.0) ...

back alley
01-24-2007, 16:15
i have the 1.8 but it has the start of fungus in it and i have a vivitar macro 50 which goes 1:1 without tubes.
i have the 28/3.5

i'm thinking that i have 25 & 35 and 50 with rf so 28 makes sense to keep in slr and no need for 35 or even 50 with slr.

a lean kit of 28/100/180/300 with slr


01-24-2007, 17:44
spoilsport. At the very list you need a good Zuiko 50. You can get a good miJ for not much money, and a good first version F.Zuiko for even less. That way, you have the loveliness of the original that isn't razor sharp but creamy, and the miJ gives you sharpness and all-around goodness.

back alley
01-24-2007, 17:55
so much to consider.

on a side note, my om2n is in a canada post sortation plant in montreal. according to the website it has been there for 2 days.
more than likely it's on a slow moving truck on it's way here.

i may keep the 35.
it would be nice to sell the 35-70 and 75-150 zooms to get my overdraft down a bit.


01-24-2007, 20:55
Congrats to the 180, Joe. By now, I'm in love with mine.

If you are looking for another 50, consider one of the two Zuiko
macros. They can do stuff you cannt do with your planar.



back alley
01-24-2007, 21:03
roland, i have a vivitar macro, supposed to be pretty good.

i think the 100 and the 180 will get most of the use.

01-24-2007, 21:10
If I didn't have the need to quickly replace a Palm PDA (rather indispensable for my day-to-day stuff), I'd consider that 75-150 of yours (or even the 135, although from your above post, it sounds like you've already sold it).

You'll love the 180. I got a lot of mileage out of mine when I had it. The OM-2n is also a great workhorse, and the only SLR left "in the house" (except for galfriend's OM-2S).

- Barrett

back alley
01-25-2007, 16:55
the 2 zooms are left barrett and by the looks of it will be here when you want one or the other;)

on a side note, the canada post website shows my om2n as being in edmonton. it will likely get delivered tomorrow.