View Full Version : 2 x Oly Rc's for an XA..

01-17-2007, 02:59
Hi guys,
thought I'd post here before going to the classifieds.

I have 2 Oly Rc's - one in Mint (-) condition - perfect mechanically, optically and cosmetically - and another ( I bought as a parts camera for the first) that I would describe as a 'user' - a few dings and scratches, a dimming RF patch, some coating reduction etc - but mechanically sound and it still shoots ok. I am looking for a straight swap of these two cameras for a mint Oly XA.

There are 2 reasons for this - 1) these guys are gathering dust - too many cameras not enough time. and 2) I've never owned an XA that worked properly.

If anyone is interested in this kind of trade, please PM me and we can exchange photos and details etc.