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Adolf Klemenz
01-27-2005, 09:10
Hi to all FED-users and tinkerers!

I recently found a FED-2 with a collapsible Industar-22 lens on a flea market, which I thought was the ultimate camera for me to carry on walks and "expeditions" where I never dared to take any "valuable" equippment -
quite compact and it seems to be really robust.

Unfortunately this camera has a problem:
at higher shutter speeds, images are unevenly exposed (one side is slightly brighter than the other). So I thought the shutter needs some adjustment. I built a simple shutter speed tester with two photo-transistors (one on each side of the image frame), and measured the "open" time on an oscilloscope. Indeed, at some speeds (1/250 and 1/500) the left side (where curtain travel begins) gets up to twice as much exposure than the side, where curtain travel ends. I thought the second curtain might travel too fast and "catch" the first curtain. So I loosened the tension of the second curtain, and the "slot" at both sides was almost
identically -- but now is is uneven at slow speeds!
Also, the faster the shutter speed, the more it is "off": 1/500 is really 1/300,
1/250 is 1/175, 1/125 is 1/100, but 1/60 and 1/30 are ok.
BTW: I checked my primitive shutter speed tester with a Yashica FX-D, and
found it (and so hopefully my measurements too) to be ok.

Is this a known problem which can be fixed by CLA, or has the shutter mechanism reached it's end of life and needs replacement?

Many thanks for your help!
-- AK

01-27-2005, 10:08

Try this site:


Look under common problems. He describes just what you are describing. Hope it helps.


Adolf Klemenz
01-30-2005, 22:26

many thanks for your advice! Jay's excellent site provided all the information I needed to clean and relube the shutter mechanism. Now the camera works much smoother. After a few minor adjustments exposure within a frame is now even at all speeds.

Now it's time to go out and use it !