View Full Version : Olymps 35 SP - Help for telemeter registration

12-11-2006, 01:45
I'm a newly possessor of this beautiful camera.

I've got the 35 SP a few days ago, it is in a superb aesthetical state, incluse the original carry bag.

I've find two defect, due to the age of the camera, I think:

1) an under-exposure of about 1 f. stop. Note that I've used a PR675 zinc-air battery 1,4 V. So I was expecting a light over-exposure, not an under-exposure. But this isn't really a problem for me: I compensate it through the ISO dial.

2) the camera focusing isn't correct: the distance at which the telemeter match the two images is lower that the real distance. This fact is noticeable at small distances (for example the real distance is 3 meters while reading the scale on the objective the distance is only 2 meters).

Do someone know if is possible to solve this malfunction. It seems me to remember a thread in which was described this procedure, simple turning on a screw.

But I'm not sure to remember well, Is there someone that could help me?

Thank you.


12-11-2006, 03:04
The adjustment screw for the telemeter/rangefinder is just above the top film rail inside the camera back. There is a hole in the camera chassis and the screw is inside that hole. I cannot tell you which way to turn the screw to correct your problem; you will have to try it.

Set the len at infinity, and then adjust the rangefinder by focusing on objects at infinity, e.g. buildings VERY far away.


12-11-2006, 18:58
My SP has a stranger problem. The rangefinder is accurate, but the lens isn't. That is, the lens doesn't focus at the distance indicated on the lens scale. In fact, it's so far off that the lens won't focus at infinity! I'm afraid it's been disassembled at some point and reassembled with the helix in the wrong position. But whoever did it correctly adjusted the rangefinder...

-- Michael