View Full Version : WTT: Jupiter-12 for Kiev Available

01-24-2005, 20:30
Now that I have my SC 35/2.5 in hand, I have a Jupiter-12 that needs a new home.

Chrome model - 58XXXXX serial number. Stiff focusing but reasonable through-out the range. Don't use the wheel and you'll be fine; by the same token, a quick lube job will probably do the trick too; I just couldn't get to it. Optically, I think it's fine, but my eyes aren't terribly well calibrated at these "enormous" :D wide-angles. I think there are a couple of shots with it in my gallery. Has both caps and the bakelite case included.

It's probably got a value of ~$20 to $30 USD (depending on time of day and phase of the moon at the *Bay) so any offers of goodies even close to that (film, 40.5/43mm filters, semi-working Zorki 4's :) ) would be fine.