View Full Version : Ah, the 21mm f/4

11-27-2006, 06:19
Unexpectedly this arrived on Thursday evening, just in time for a trip to the Isle of Wight on a very stormy autumn weekend. Now I'm a fan of wide angles (use the 12mm perhaps far too much) and I was concerned that this lens wouldn't be wide enough, particularly on the R-D1 (was also using it on my Bessa T).

I think the proof of the wonderfulness of this lens is that the 12 stayed in the bag all weekend. The 21 is just so adaptable, OK for candids and people shots (where its compactness is a benefit), particularly if you're shooting digital and happy to crop and of course excellent for landscapes. Lovely feel to it as well, and the accesory finder is very easy on my eye (I have both the D and 35mm finders). Take off the hood and filter and the lens is scarily small ;)

Just the one question - distance scale didn't seem to match actually focussed distance for close-ish subjects. Assume a lens "problem" as this was consistent on both my T and R-D1 although I don't have the T shots back yet to check focus. Was indicating focus between 2 and 5 metres when the subject was definitely closer than that. Seemed reasonably accurate up to 2m although that was just based on my built-in head-mounted distance scale rather than any scientific test. What's likely to be the problem?

11-27-2006, 06:44
I never noticed any focus problems on the 21/4 - even down to 70cm, but the DoF might have hidden those.

Yup, that viewfinder is bloody grand - the best I have ever looked through. Seems to make the scene brighter than seen with my eyes!

11-27-2006, 06:48
I love this lens!