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01-22-2005, 15:27
Hi all,

I received my Zorki 4 yesterday afternoon, and today, in preparation of shooting my first roll of film I was running through the instruction manual and testing things. Paying close attention to the cardinal rule of not changing shutter speed until after cocking the shutter I tested each of the speeds (1/2s hangs, but otherwise good shape).

When I went to "test" the rewind steps, I pushed down on the rewind ring and turned clockwise, then pulled up on the rewind knob and noted that it spun freely and the sprocket (?)(the part the inserts inside the film cannister and rewinds the film) also appeared to be working fine.

When I turned the rewind ring counterclockwise back to its start position - the shutter release didn't reset. I turned the film advance knob a few times and still the shutter didn't reset. If you have any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

Kind regards,

01-22-2005, 16:03

That sometimes happens to my Zorki-4 too. But if I keep winding and perhaps turn and release (DO NOT LIFT IT) the shutter speed selector a few times, things hopefully start to work as they should again. In my case I think some part of the mechanism is a bit sticky and in need of some cleaning.

I have also once experienced that the slow speed mechanism failed to release the second curtain (fortunately I didn't have fim in the camera at that time..). More cleaning to schedule, I suppose. Until then I'll avoid the slow speeds.