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01-22-2005, 14:58

Do you know if there are any relubrication instructions for the Jupiter 8 online?

Or is the disassembly very similar to the Industar 61? From the outside it looks like the construction is similar.

I have just relubricated my Industar 61 using Matt Denton's excellent instructions (http://homepage.mac.com/mattdenton/photo/cameras/industar_relubing/index.html).
It wasn't very difficult and the lens came back together without problems.

However, I made a less than perfect choice of lubricant - I used Kyosho #15000 diff. gear grease (for radio controlled cars) which I got at my local hobby store. It turned out to be far too dense, so now focusing is very heavy (but also very smooth). :-/

What kind of grease should I have used?



01-22-2005, 15:27
Anders this is for a Kiev J-8 but I imagine the construction is very similar:

Jupiter-8 Lens Dismantle and Clean (http://www3.telus.net/public/kaylalyn/Jupiter-8%20dismantle.html)

01-22-2005, 15:37
The J-8 re-lube is easy enough to do. Remove the three rear screws and take off the back section including the spacer. With the focus at infinity, mark the parts (in a covered place) to ensure proper reassembly alignment and then remove the stop screw that keeps the helical from coming apart. Unscrew the helical and (VERY important) note the EXACT point at which the helical threads separate. That will be the point at which you will re-engage the threads when you put it back together. If you miss it by a thread, note the orientation of the parts when set at infinity and, on your next try, off-set the threads to compensate.

Clean the helical of all old lubricant ("yak snot" is often the term used for the original stuff) and replace it with a light coating of high temperature wheel bearing grease or bicycle bearing white grease.

Reassemble in reverse order and you're done.


01-22-2005, 15:42

Hmm, I think the focus helicoid is a part of the camera body on Kievs, so that part of the lens looks quite different from the LTM version.

I guess I'll just try to open it tomorrow - hopefully it isn't that different from the Industar 61 with respect to the mount and the helicoid. I'll need to find some better grease first, though.

Great! Thanks, Walker!


01-22-2005, 15:45
Oops - sorry Anders! That shows you how ignorant I am... :o

01-22-2005, 15:53
No problem. Don't worry. :)

(I'm not to well informed either, todays work wasn't too successful thanks to my grease experiment - after relubrication the lens was heavier to focus than before...)

01-22-2005, 18:31
The instructions I detailed are for the LTM J-8 and not the Kiev mount. They really are quite simple to strip and re-lube. Once you've gotten into it, I think you'll agree.