View Full Version : Tessar types for Kiev

01-21-2005, 15:08
Has any member of this forum, ever seen an Industar or any FSU Tessar type 50mm ish f 3.5 or 2.8 factory issued lens for the Kiev ? Maybe they left these only for the Feds & Zorkis as the Kiev was a bit upmarket and only faster 50s would do. I know Contax gave the buyer a choice on the II & III .

01-21-2005, 17:21
The only way to get one is to do it the way I'm planning to do it - buy a LTM I-26 and a CRF J-8 and transplant the I-26 lens block into the J-8 body. It's supposed to be relatively simple ... :D

That or shell out the $$$ for an original Zeiss lens...


01-21-2005, 17:31
Thankyou for sharing your idea William, Let me know how it turns out. I saw on for sale a few months ago on E--y . It looked very homemade. but I bet it made some sharp negatives!