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back alley
01-10-2004, 19:50
so i went to the farmer's market this morning to start in on my project pics. went twice today, very early before the crowds and then later with the crowds.

tonite, i cleaned up my developing tanks, mixed some fresh chemicals and made my first negs in a couple of years.
took the roll out of the wash water and there was nothing there, completely blank. the film was never exposed.

i used one of my minolta 7s cameras from my ebay adventures.
it looks like everything is working. shutter blades move, meter needle moves, shutter and film advances just fine. ????

but no pics tonite for me.

guess i'll go back next saturday with a mamiya 6, i know they work!!!



MP Guy
01-10-2004, 19:55
Did you remove the lens cap ? :D

01-10-2004, 23:10
That's a painful experience, Joe... The one that sticks in my mind was trying a 72-exposure roll of Ilford film in my Leica M2. This was long ago when Ilford briefly offered long rolls on thin film stock. I went to a picturesque canyon about 50 miles away and spent all afternoon there taking some great pics. Unfortunately the film was so thin and limber it had warped up and over the transport sprockets. When I finally realized there was a problem, the film counter had made 2 full rotations and more, with all exposures made on the film leader. Very discouraging! From then on I paid much more attention to the turning of the rewind knob.

01-11-2004, 02:53
Yep, that aaahhhrrrggg was fully justified...

If everyting seems to be ok on the 7s musta been a non advancing film ? Maybe you could give it a try with a dummy roll and watch if the rewind knob turns when winding and check also that safe load indicator from the 7s (I think it has one...)

Mine was with the biggest lightning storm I've ever seen. Lots of pics and all completely black except for some tiny lightning trace. Don't shoot lightning storms at night with an f16 aperture and 2 seconds exposition :rolleyes:

BTW Joe how is it going there ? I've heard that you're having extremely cold temperatures since some days ago.

back alley
01-11-2004, 06:12
:( yes the lens cap was off!
i wish it were that simple - might mean i would still have a usable camera.

i'm pretty sure the film was advancing. i did all the tricks - tighten the film at first with the rewind knob - i could feel the tension when i advanced the film and when i rewound the film i could feel & hear it moving. i even left a bit of the leader out of the can.

there was nothing on the film except for the ilford info on the side.
it was completely clear which indicates no exposure.

:bang: :bang: :bang:

better luck next time!
i still have another 7s to try and a minolta himatic 9 in the mail:D :(


oh, btw, the weather has been cold but is warming a bit. yesterday we had freezing rain - many car accidents as the roads were like skating rinks.
thanks for asking oscar. howse by you??

01-11-2004, 07:33
Perhaps the cold weather caused the shutter to stick. When you check the shutter at home where it is much warmer, it works.
Kurt M.

01-11-2004, 07:33
So, am I right in thinking then that only thing that could be wrong if the film was advancing is that the shutter didn't fire? It is easy enough to just look in the lens and see if the shutter opens when you fire it.

01-11-2004, 11:09
Yes, with a slow speed that should be even easier to check when you're on the outside shooting.

We've had a very nice weekend here with day temperatures around 20 C, t-shirt in the sun, but things change when sun goes down though.

Not a good thing having this weather at this time, later when real cold comes a lot of fruit and vegetables harvest will be lost due to freezing.

back alley
01-11-2004, 14:59
the market is indoors so the weather was not a factor.
the shutter seems to be fine, opened and closed when i hit the release.
it doesn't make sense to me, everything checks out.


01-11-2004, 15:19

can't understand it then... film advanced properly, shutter fired, exposure ok, developing ok...

what else could have gone wrong ???

maybe you could take your shots next week with the 6 and then take some dummy ones with the Minolta and try again ? if all is working ok then something must register on film... no ?

well, keep us informed anyway.


back alley
01-11-2004, 15:41
i found the problem!!

when i first checked out the camera, i opened the back and manually set both aperture and shutter speed. i went through all the speeds and aperture settings. all was well.
but tonite, i checked it with the camera set to auto - lining up the 2 a's on the shutter and aperture rings.
guess what?
the aperture blades don't open at all.

i had decided to shoot on full auto to check out the meter on the camera. this was a mistake it would seem.

so the camera seems to work ok but it needs to be on manual only.

oh well, live & learn!


01-11-2004, 17:44
I have the same problem with an old Rolleimagic. But then, it isn't a rangefinder. Similar shutter to yours, though.
Kurt M.

back alley
01-11-2004, 18:03
hurts, doesn't it?

and welcome to the forum kurt!


01-11-2004, 19:29
Don't feel bad Joe. Last week I was supposed to go shooting pics with a friend so I could try out my Fed 2, Fed 5C, and a Zenit 12XP I just bought. Buddy backed out due to -30 C, so I decided what the heck and just took the Zenit to take bird photos. Committed the biggest boo boo in the book. After freezing all my fingers and two toes trying for the perfect bird photo I realized I was on photo #27 so headed for the warmth of my car to rewind the film. You guessed it, no film in the camera. I had put film in both Feds but not the Zenit. Maybe next weekend? Curt in Canada.

MP Guy
01-11-2004, 20:56

Thats almost as bad as the day my wife and I were scuba diving in the Florida keys taking underwater pictures with a Nikonos. After exhausting all ove our air and taking great photograps we came back up/ Only to rrealize that when rewinding the film there was nothing in the camera.

back alley
01-11-2004, 21:15
curt & jorge,

well you got a big belly laugh out of me tonite - and i thank you both for it!!


01-12-2004, 06:31
I had the opposite experience: I was playing with my Leica, shooting at all things and changing ISOs like it was a festival... and when I opened the camera just to check it out, there was a roll of Elite Chrome 400 in it. Needless to say, only the first two exposures got saved... by a hair!

joe, I'm glad you found the problem! Now you can go ahead and use it like a really manual camera! :)

01-12-2004, 19:10
You win Jorge, Ha! That's a terrible feeling, but nothing you can do except laugh about it later.