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01-13-2005, 01:01
I have a petri racer. I needs some repair. The shutter blades are sticky and slow to move, and two of the apature blades no longer move. The camera was an passed down from my father so i want to keep and make it work but it was broke when he gave it to me. A friend told me that I could replace the whole lens cheaper than I could repair it. Does anyone know where I could find a lens to fit it and where i could find some accesories for it. (ex: flash, shutter cable, tele photo and wide angle lens attachments stronger that 45, owners manual and anything else i could not think of) I have a tele and a wide angle attachment but would like something more powerful. I am new to cameras so any info would be great.

Brian Sweeney
01-13-2005, 05:04
This is a fixed lens rangefinder camera; you cannot replace the lens. Repairing it will run about $70. If you wish to spend that kind of money, and it obviously has sentimental value, I have used Essex camera in New Jersey for a lot of work.

01-13-2005, 13:04
I have a Petri too, handed down by my Dad, with the wide and tele attachments. There are no stronger ones available. These are not expensive cameras, and while the lens on mine is sharp, the cameras filled a lower-quality market niche.

My Petri had some problems with the shutter cocking and film transport; I had it repaired locally for $85, far more than it's worth. He had a lot of difficulty cleaning out old stiffened grease that was gumming up the works, and replaced a weak shutter spring. But probably as with yours, there's some sentimental value, and I like my stuff to work. There are a couple shots in my gallery here taken with this Petri.

You might find some useful info on Petri cameras at Karen Nakamura's Photoethnography website: http://www.photoethnography.com/ClassicCameras/