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10-11-2006, 12:45
Hi all,
Over in the CA Bay area forum, we've been talking up the idea of taking a relatively specific place (a neighborhood, as compared to a whole city), and shooting it for 24 hours straight. A few folks from outside the Bay area have not only expressed thoughts on the idea but have taken it as a general call to RFF to try and do a synchronized 24-hour project.

I have stated in that thread and will state again that I have nothing against this idea. In fact, it would be PHENOMENAL if such a thing could be accomplished, even in just 2-4 locations worldwide. That would be amazing. We could do something like "start at 12AM EST" or something.

Personally, it's the aftermath that is a bit scary - what to do with the images? Do we make a book? Who would take on such a gigantic task? Maybe we just put it all on flickr?

Anyway. I'm putting it here so that others see this. Seriously, let's say we picked a day in November. Would anyone be interested in such an event?


Gabriel M.A.
10-11-2006, 12:48
Interesting idea. More details?

I'm not clear on the "time synching" part. Will participants be shooting digital, and these photos be shown in chronological order? Or what do you mean by this, exactly?

flickr may be a good place to put the photos. Maybe in a new thread under the RFF group.

10-11-2006, 12:51
The original idea was to be very loose and free form. Shoot digital, film, whatever. One thing I think would be cool would be for it to be a full 24 hours of that place, though trying to do that alone is daunting.

It need not start at the same time worldwide, true. Just the same date, perhaps? The idea changes quite a bit once I even start considering this on an international scale, I have to admit.

Chronologically, whatever. Loose, just go shoot. But cover 24 straight hours. IMO, that is a requirment. Otherwise everyone could just go shoot for like 6 hours or even an hour.