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01-09-2005, 13:17
A bit of a preface:
I really like my "new" Zorki" 3m camera but have found that the Jupiter 8 lens that came with it isn't what it should be.
I am going to replace it and when I do I will have a lens I can use for this idea I just had.
In reading Maizenbergs book to see what I need to do I read that the Kiev and Ltm J8's are the same except for the mounting block.
My Kiev 4a lens aperture settings are click stopped which I much prefer.
My idea:
find another kiev J8 and switch the lens blocks .
I know the lens working distances are not the same for LTM and Kiev cameras so that will need adjusting.
What else might I need to consider?
On further reading I see that it's the J8m that has the click stops but Maizenberg seems to indicate that the differences are the aperture anchor.
Still possible? I'm not taking apart the lens for my 4a so I can't physically check this.
Any of you folks ever given this any thought or tried it?
Thanks, Rob

01-09-2005, 14:23
I'm not completely sure, but I believe that the distances you are talking about are the same for the russian lenses, and that is why the LTM versions can cause focusing problems on VC and Leica cameras. So that might not be a problem for you.

01-09-2005, 23:13
I've been down that road, the J8m with click stops wont fit into the LTM mount. The diameter of the f stop ring is too big. I saw on another site though, where a guy had installed an I-61 into a kiev mount. I was disapointed , I really wanted those clickstops!.............Dave

01-10-2005, 00:08
DaveP (welcome, by the way!) is on to something. I too remember reading somehwere that certain models of the J-8 have the same housing (outer shell? whatsyamacalit?) as the I-61's. Maybe if the Kiev version doesn't fit in your J-8 maybe it'll fit in the I-61?

01-10-2005, 04:30
Why not email Oleg Khalyavin at supportATokvintagecameraDOTcom? He may also have tried something like this.

01-10-2005, 06:17
Hmm. I do kinda wish there was a Kiev mount Industar-50 or 61. I'd be interested in finding out if this works. Might be worth buying a couple of parts lenses from Oleg or Yuri just to find out.


01-10-2005, 12:35

You sure can switch lens blocks. I have taken a LTM J-8M and put it into a Kiev J-8M mount. As well I've done it to a LTM J-3 that I mounted in a Sonnar 1.5 mount.

I have also gone the other way and put a Kiev J-8M into a LTM mount.

On the Beststuff Russiancamera-user forum one of the members, Zhang XK, reported his successful experiment of mounting an Industar61 L/D into an old J-8 Kiev mount.


Russ Pinchbeck

01-10-2005, 12:54
Heh. I'll have to get an Industar-50 and see if that can be conviced to fit in a CRF Jupiter-8m mount. That'd be a hoot of a way to get a Tessar onto my Kiev.


01-10-2005, 12:59
Wasn't there a 50mm Zeiss Tessar collapsible made for the Zeiss Contax? I think I've seen one in year's past.

Of course that would be too easy.

You might consider an Industar-26m instead. It comes in a barrel that is almost identical to a Jupiter-8. It is a 4 element-3 group Tessar type lens as well. Original equipment on Fed-2's.


01-10-2005, 13:53
Well the omly thing for it is to buy a couple of beaters(one LTM J8 and one Kiev J8m) and try it.

Russ, any particular trouble spots I should watch out for?

01-10-2005, 13:58
Yes, there is a real Zeiss one and I eventually intend to get one. Heck, I know of one at a fair price that I can't quite meet.

However, the idea of lens hackery has it's appeal as well. It'd just be fun to hav e a frankentessar on the Keiv. The bit about the 26 as opposed to the 50 may be good to note. I think I should go ask over at Beststuff as well.


01-10-2005, 14:12
Which LTM J-8 did you install the J-8m into? I had tried using an older lever type J-8. Will the J-8m clickstops and all fit into the newer J-8"s?........Dave

01-11-2005, 21:34

I installed a Kiev J-8M lens block s/n 75xxxxx into a LTM black lens mount J-8 s/n 02xxxxx. I took the click stop out of the Kiev J-8m.