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09-04-2006, 09:16
Hello all,

I had intended to post this thread right at the end of August. But I have been out of town for a few days. Anyway, the end of the month has come and gone and the avatar challenge is now at an end. I want to begin by thanking Joe for suggesting the project. I, for one, really enjoyed the challenge of shooting an image specifically for an avatar.

I thought it might be interesting to open up this thread for any comments that people might have on the avatars that were posted as part of the project. Here are my comments on a few that I noticed:

Nemjo: I really like the pattern repetition in your shot of the wine cellar. I think it works very well as an avatar.

Nico: The extreme contrast of your self-portrait makes for a very stark image. Very eye-catching. I really like it.

Ash: If I remember correctly, yours is a shot of the highest building in your home town (is that right?). The "L" pattern is very proounced and the lines are very strong in your image.

rbiemer: I really like your work with colour and pattern repetition in this image. I think it works very well as an avatar.

Raid: There is a real sense of serenity in this image. I love the colour and your use of the reflection. Yours is a simple and stunning image.

Leica M2 Fan: Your image also works on the strength of its simplicity. I like the lighting in this shot.

VictorM: I am convinced that food photography is one of the most difficult of all the disciplines of photography. This image is very strong graphically. I think it makes a great avatar.

Ferider: Roland took down his new avatar before I could comment on it. But, as I remember it, the colours and lighting were quite stunning. It was a very abstract image that, I think, worked very well as an avatar.

09-20-2006, 17:19
Rafael: Thanks. Maybe this thread will take off. There certainly are many new avatars.