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Wayne R. Scott
08-30-2006, 12:47
Dougg and I are comparing 40mm lens per Joe's suggested photo projects. Here are 3 of mine from my Rollei 35S with 40mm f2.8 Sonnar. I am probably gonna get my butt kicked cause Dougg is using his CLE with Nokton. We are both using C-41 B&W film with mini-lab scans. So here goes:





08-30-2006, 13:05
Me thinks it doesn't matter what Dougg is shooting with, you will still be strongly in the running with these shots Wayne. Nice shooting, particularly with a true pocket camera!


08-30-2006, 13:24
PS: I'm glad y'all joined our exercise! This is fun!

I concur vigorously! You photograph people very well. I don't do people well so I don't photograph them often OR I don't photograph people often so I don't do it well. I need to shoot more people. :D

I too am using C-41 B&W ( Kodak version so far) and I'm not getting the nice rich blacks and dark greys you are getting. Which film? Did you do any post processing to deepen the blacks?

Good work! I want more!

Wayne R. Scott
08-30-2006, 13:30
This is Ilford XP-2 ISO 400 film that I rated at 200 ISO. I just adjusted levels and contrast in PhotoShop and applied some unsharp mask.

I'll see if I can find any others on the roll that I might show.


Wayne R. Scott
08-30-2006, 13:49
Here are 3 more not so hot ones:





08-30-2006, 14:14
Thanks, Wayne. Wayne to Wayne, eh?

To date I have only used Kodak BW400CN @ 320. I have a roll of XP2 Super in the camera as I type also @ 320. I think I'll shoot the remainder of the roll at 200 for comparisons sake. The Kodak is easier for me to get. If I like the Ilford better, I will order a bunch through the mail.

I'll go back to my scans and see if I can get better blacks. Thanks!

Richard Black
08-30-2006, 16:07
Here is a shot taken with a Vivtar 35es at a restaurant in Santa Fe N.M. Color is great'; it does b&w well too.

Flyfisher Tom
08-30-2006, 17:02

Very nice portraits indeed. Keep them coming :)

08-30-2006, 20:44
Good first salvo, Wayne; clearly you made it to the farmers' market! :) My processing was ready late this afternoon but I didn't get there to pick it up, so I'll try posting some shots tomorrow. I used a 36-exp roll of Neopan 400CN, same as XP2 as far as I can tell, and have ordered in some rolls of 24 exp XP2 to speed up the turnaround time.

08-31-2006, 15:18
Wine club dinner at the Yellow Church Cafe; presentation from the winery goddess... Chef dishing it out... Hostess with a camera...
Note: there's a west-facing window above in the choir loft, and this is the Single-Coated 40 Nokton.

08-31-2006, 15:20
Pouring... DoF strained by lens at f/1.4

08-31-2006, 15:22
And to finish off with a smaller aperture, an item of a different vintage... 1946 Mercury coupe
With lastly a hole in the ground...

Wayne R. Scott
08-31-2006, 18:27
I didn't take any photos of holes in the ground, but I did take a photo of a hole in the sky:



I didn't see any girls drinking wine, but I did see one drinking a malt at the ice cream store:



08-31-2006, 21:56
Good comeback, Wayne; I like your dramatic skies. :)

09-21-2006, 23:54
Next roll of Neopan 400CN, still the Minolta CLE and 40 Nokton.
First is an attorney coming down the steps from the hall leading to county District Court.

09-22-2006, 15:33
Here's a three-some at the coffee place...

10-14-2006, 20:03
Pioneer Coffee in the evening