View Full Version : Feeler: Monthly Contest?

Stephanie Brim
08-25-2006, 02:40
What would you guys think of a monthly contest with a small prize? Something like a few rolls of film, a filter of your choice, etc. The prize would kind of go along with that month's theme. The prizes can be donated by individuals or by companies. The person who donates the prize gets to pick that month's theme. The forum votes on the winner during the first week of the next month. Etc. Something like that. I don't know what Jorge or Joe would think of something like this...but I'd kind of like to get an opinion.

The big contests are fun, but a small monthly thing to keep us all shooting would be nice...at least in my opinion.

Rich Silfver
08-25-2006, 02:52
Have you seen the Salon themes?