View Full Version : Recommendations on kit for Spain/France?

08-15-2006, 13:09
I'm planning on a trip to Spain and France this November. When I travel to South America, I leave my Bronica RF645 at home (fear of theives- I love this camera!) and take my Olympus OM-1 slr kit. I will be spending some time in pensions, hostels, etc. I'd like to bring the Bronica this time. Does anyone have some experiences to convey? Any precautions/recomendations against camera theft (other than always strapping it to one's self)?

Flyfisher Tom
08-15-2006, 13:29
I found that a large messenger bag, slung over and across your chest is the best way to carry your equipment abroad. With the strap across your body, it is impossible for someone to snatch and run. You also have the bag against your body in front or at your side so that wandering hands can be easily felt.

If you get a messenger bag with a velcro closure, it makes sneaky hands almost impossible (as you will most assuredly hear it opening).

For evenings, I had my cameras/lens in the hotel room's safe. Hostels might have something at the front desk.

Finally, get yourself a security pouch waist band for your passport, credit cards and other ID, it fits around your waist and inside your pants. A good pair of walking shoes is key too.

Have fun !