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08-08-2006, 12:29
I am looking at the Micro-Tools website and am basically lost as to what I should get. https://www.micro-tools.com/store/SearchByCategory.aspx?CategoryCode=SCK

I want to be able to do basic repairs on Canonets, Elector 35s etc. When I look at the prices - it would almost be cheaper to send the camera out. So there has got to be a less expensive tool or tools I can use. Basic repairs would include pulling the bottoms, sticky winders, the Yashica PAD etc. Not sure if I want to get into the lens just yet but certainly sticky shutters. Any info or pointers greatly appreciated.

There is just something about renewing / rejuvenating a good rangefinder that soothes the soul.

Flyfisher Tom
08-08-2006, 12:42

What tools specifically are you looking for? If it is the micro-screw drivers and phillips, you can get some good ones at Sears (look for the Stanley brand). They are very strong and less likely to warp. And they were about $20 at most.

Other tools, such as lens wrenches, can be made from sharpening the heads of normal pliers.

good luck

Flyfisher Tom
08-08-2006, 12:44
Retainer removers can be made from rubber leg protectors (hardware store).

But generally, I'd caution that unless you are quite adroit at small screws and springs that jump out at you, it might be best to find a cheap repair person. I believe Gman of our forum is quite good at some of these cameras, you might want to give him a holler.

eli griggs
08-08-2006, 16:36
Radio Shack has (imo) very nice sets of small screwdrivers and pliers/cutters by Kronus. I have and like several of the sets found here:




Some of the larger 'kits' have been on sale several times and the discounts have been large, so it's worth checking in your local store from time to time.