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12-20-2004, 12:50
Recently I bought a Ricoh 500 RF at a flea market. I was looking after the Ricoh 500G, and these one itīs very similar.

I had to repair the backdoor seal.
It uses a 1.3 mercury battery (old problem), but I puted in a 1.5 alcaline battery, I havenīt got any problems by now. I read there would be a 10% of difference in the CDS meter.

The lense is not very sharp but I like the images it delivers. Itīs a small fun camera.

Iīve added some pictures taken with it to my gallery.


back alley
12-20-2004, 15:12
matu, what an absolutely lovely set of photos.
they have a old time look to them. i had to check what film you used and thought it must be a mistake. i didn't think tmax could look so warm & soft.
i like the contemplation two the best but all of them were lovely.


12-21-2004, 03:37
Thanks Joe, I used T-Max 400.
I developed it with D-76 at full strength, I scanned the images with a Flatbed Epson Perfection 1670. I tweaked a little with Photoshop.
Iīm trying diffrent film types and brands, since Iīm newby in B&w photo. It seems to me that T-Max has better latitude than Tri-X, but when Í get a good exposure with it I like it better than T-Max.

Here is the picture without Tweak.

Brian Sweeney
12-21-2004, 07:28
I love this series. Your Children are Beautiful, and the lighting and softness of the lens accentuates that fact.

12-21-2004, 11:46
Great job Matu !! I've used this same lens on a zone focus Ricoh 35 ZF and it's true, it gives a pleasant soft touch to images that works very well with some subjects. Does somebody know how's the design from that lens, I'd risk myself saying it has a sort of Tessar touch...

12-21-2004, 12:56
Thanks Taffer, in fact the images you made, encouraged me buying the Ricoh.



12-22-2004, 00:54
:o *blush*

Gracias Pablo ! I'll have to recover the ZF from my friend's house then :-P

12-22-2004, 21:38
Lovely kid, lovely photos!