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12-20-2004, 00:44
I have been experimenting with toned bW on my webpage:

Old Ely City I http://jfbell20.fotopages.com/?entry=284151
Old Ely City II http://jfbell20.fotopages.com/?entry=284174
Olympus RD Ilford SFX orange filter - Power retouche sepia

Cambridge Windows http://jfbell20.fotopages.com/?entry=287411
Zorki 3M + Jupiter 3 - XP2 - toned with Power retouche

Snailwell http://jfbell20.fotopages.com/?entry=287574
Zorki 3M *Jupiter 3 or Voigtlander 28mm - XP2 - Power retouche van Dyke

Snailwell 2,3,4

Voigtlander R Nokton 50mm 1.5 or voigt 28mm 3.5

Cambridge Backs in Winter
Voigtlander R Nokton 1.5 (first shots with this lens)

Finally, my calendar for 2005, taken with various cameras

You can find the colour originals of some of the pics in the calendar eleswhere on my fotopage http://jfbell20.fotopages.com.

Seasons greetings


12-20-2004, 11:47
Thanks for posting your links, John. Looks like a dull wet day at both Ely and Snailwell! This often seems to enhance color but it difficult with B&W unless there's nice reflections from wet surfaces. Getting critical, there's something about the tonality... maybe underexposure handicapping your darker areas and what often looks like flare around brighter areas. Or it could be something in the post-processing, as in one shot there's a juniper or some such on the left that has what looks like a bit of solarization. Anyway, I like 3379441 which caught my eye on the nice organization, and the gravestones to remind us of mortality. :)