View Full Version : Another "what's the difference" question

steve garza
07-10-2006, 18:05
How much better is the current MP viewfinder in comparison w/ the M6/7? Leica adverts call it "highly optimized" whatever that's supposed to mean. Anyone have experience with both cameras?

07-10-2006, 18:14
Only the first M7's have viewfinders that are different from the MP's. All M7's made after the MP came out have the same viewfinder. Versus the older M7's and M6's, it has a slightly higher degree of crispness and it is less likely to flare out. The difference is that the new finders are multi-coated and the older ones are not. Overall, the difference is fairly minor unless you are often shooting into the light.

steve garza
07-10-2006, 19:36
Thank you Stuart!!!