View Full Version : Now I need another M3

07-10-2006, 13:29
Just recieved my two stroke M3. After my third attempt at Leica, this scratch free beauty (and I mean not a mark in her) arrived today. There are a couple pieces of Vulcanite missing.

I see no marks on the baseplate and the lug area are free of any use. Could these be replacements?

What is the best way to check the viewfinder for mold or any other trouble areas? I see a speck or two of dust. The curtain looks nice but the shutter at 1 second seems a little off.

The middle window has a discolored or fungus looking spot on it.

I was hoping to shoot a roll or two at a minor league game I need to cover for my newspaper and a wedding this weekend.

Now I'm afraid I may have to buy another just to shoot so as not to mar the beauty of her.

Silva Lining
07-10-2006, 13:41
Heh, My M3 has scratches on the top plate, deep scratches on the bottom plate and two major dents on the right hand side! It was like this when I got it, I love it, used it to take over 200 shots last saturday.

I must be perverted in some way, but I like a Leica with dents and scratches, it shows they have been used (not abused)

It's too good a camera to leave on a shelf! (or shrinkwrap :eek: )

07-10-2006, 13:44
Ok to clarify the dust is in the patch and looks fungal. Looking at the front of the camera it's the center window and looks like a squarish dust spot nearly encompassing the entire window.

Is this major? Image is in my gallery.

Nick R.
07-10-2006, 16:16
I couldn't find any images in your gallery.