View Full Version : The start of the post X-mas price drop?

Rich Silfver
12-18-2003, 20:04
As many eBay items are soon going to be too far out to be considered as 'in time for xmas gifts' and people having spent too much money on gifts prices will start to go down as they always do in late December and througout January.

I wonder if this is an early indication of it: $46 for a great looking Olympus SP with 20 hours to go: link (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2972806978&category=15234)

Olympus 35-LC, also in great looking condition for $15 with 30+ hours to go: link (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2972542208&category=15234)

I'm certainly looking forward to what bargains could be discovered in the weeks ahead... we'll see :-)

12-19-2003, 01:00
Sometimes counter stats tell more about the interest in some item than the price itself... If counters are right, that SP has been visited 244 times, and the LC 99. Sometimes high visit rates are a sign of lots of bidders waiting for the last minute...

And snipers using that third-party bid sites make bids much less fun. BTW, is the 42 mm Zuiko on the LC the same lens than the one on the SP ? If so, for about $30 less that LC is really a bargain if you're looking for Zuiko glass and don't mind other features.

Wanna see a real nonsense auction example ?


what do you think? :)

12-19-2003, 06:47
Four grands for a Barbie!?

Oh, well, some people must be aghast when they learn that the Leica Hermes sells for about that much...

Speaking of which... I have a Leica body and intend to sell it, but this thread confirms my experiences from last year. I'll have to keep it until mid-February or March to get some money for it. I guess I'll be a two-body Leica man for a while longer.

Rich Silfver
12-19-2003, 20:31
Well the SP sold for $66 and if the condition is as good as the description and photo made it sound then I would definetively call that a bargain price.

The LC is at $18 with less than 20 hours less.

I do believe this may just be the beginning of the seasonal price drops! :-)

12-20-2003, 01:04
Yep, let's see what happens in late December/January...

Some weeks ago, I found a Buy-it-now auction for a minty Konica Auto S2 for $9.95, that was already gone just after refreshing the page 30 seconds later...

Keep your eyes open ! ^_^

12-20-2003, 11:06
Hmm... near US $70 for the LC and more than 3 hours to go... maybe not for Xmas but for the Mages Kings :)

Rich Silfver
12-20-2003, 16:14
Yeah the LC should not fetch more than that at any time of the year.

12-20-2003, 19:05
I just got a Mamiya Universal 6x7 Type II back (lever wind) for $40! EXCELLENT price.

There's a 100mm 2.8 up there I'd like but already over $120, so out of my league. Now, if a nice 65mm shows up, I can make the one I have my "spare"