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Rich Silfver
12-16-2003, 22:42
Anyone have any experience with this camera?
Seagull 205 (http://shop.lomography.com/seagull205/)

It is..oddly attractive looking...

12-17-2003, 02:11

for 75 $ US (thanx for the correction ElrodCod) is a tad on the expensive side for an unknown camera...

OTH, after reading that prices for the Lomo Kompact Automat range from 180 of the "basic" package to the 250 of the "deluxe" one, maybe 75 is not that bad... Have you tried to find it outside the lomography society ? Usually that name is associated with inflated prices... even though they give you a 3 months warranty...

The Seagull camera company is well known by Minolta users, as they are still manufacturing brand new SLR cameras that use the Minolta MD manual focus bayonet. BTW, I read somewhere that Seagull is controlled by Minolta since some years ago and that somewhat increased their quality on their SLR and TLR line of cameras...

On their past history, apart from their TLRs, they manufactured some pretty good "copies" of mechanical Minolta SLRs (they even made one with interchangeable prisms) and a RF folder, similar to a Super Isolette or a Iskra...

Anyway, my knowledge comes only from what I've found surfing the web, and never used one personally, so maybe this will be more helpful :-) There seems to be no information on this "new" model, but on the older 205...


AND this is a link found inside the photo net page, pretty interesting family of rangefinders !


How is your chinese going ? :-)

12-17-2003, 05:43
The price on their site said 75 USD, which I took to mean U.S. Dollars not Euros.