View Full Version : 3/8" Tripod Mount?

12-12-2004, 00:22
Does anyone know of a way to convert the old 3/8" tripod thread to 1/4"? It would be nice to be able to throw the Kiev on a tripod now and then. Although I suppose I'd be in danger of finding out how accurate my slow speeds are. :eek:

12-12-2004, 08:12
You need to be a touch careful with this especially with FSU gear. I bought a pair of adapters from a branch of the Uk dealers 'Jessops' and these did NOT fit my Hartblei camera as the threads on adapters appeared to be a coarser thread (possibly metric 9mm) than camera bush so they were returned and others aquired elsewhere.

12-12-2004, 08:32
I asked the same question on another russian camera list and got this answer from Matt -

[Use a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter, there are two kinds available, one is
like a bushing, the other has an external knurled knob. I've come to
prefer the bushing type as a permanent leave-in becuase it allows the
full base of the camera to rest on the tripod mount (particularly
important with heavy cameras like Kiev-60 and 88). I just got a
couple off ebay recently from seller rxnash, you can get them in
10-packs from camerastore.com or elsewhere... they're pretty cheap, and pretty useful!]


12-12-2004, 12:21
Or if you have Bogen tripods, they sell an adapter plate for the bigger size- works.

P C Headland
12-16-2004, 12:21
I use the little internal adpaters, as it allows the camera to sit flush on the tripod. The only downside is that if you have an ever-ready case, you may need to find another smaller "knob"...


12-16-2004, 12:27
I have purchased those adapters from Porter's camera store. I think they are also in the B&H online catalog.


12-16-2004, 20:09
I'm looking to buy a SunPak Premium Platinum 7500 tripod that comes with two quick release plates and will support 11 pounds or approximately 5 Kilos. I plan on using a 3/8 inch adapter and gluing it to one of the 1/4 inch plate screws. That way I'll have a QD plate available for either type screw.