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back alley
12-16-2003, 20:57
ok, i have picked 9 topics so far and i think that's a great start.

but i want to bug you guys for some more ideas.

while i realize that there is little new under the sun i also would like to try for something very different than most people would think about.

thanks for your support and excitement.


12-17-2003, 06:13
All the suggestions I can guess you have gotten and you have only picked 9?:eek: You scare me!:D

Still, I will give it some thought and hopefully come up with some more suggestions. Everybody else, come on and help. Backalley can't do it all.

12-17-2003, 08:29
What topics have already been suggested?


back alley
12-17-2003, 08:48
therein lies the poblem.
i am hesitant to reveal the topics as i would like them to be 'new' to all members when the project begins in january.
about 25 have been offered so far and i have semi decided on 9.
i'm trying for a mix of do-able, fun and not having been overdone before, topics.

12-17-2003, 09:32
If you show us ALL the topics, assuming there are more than the nine you have chosen, then we won't know which you are going to use.

Besides, does it really matter? Is this a competition or just a community project?

Anyway, here are some theme suggestions:

Slow shutter speeds. Photo must include at least one blurred element that contributes significantly to the image.
Xmas shopping - better do this one really soon. Ironically, doing shots for this will having you rushing around just like you're Xmas shopping. Also known as "Gift Giving Season" to be politically correct and religiously sensitive. ;-)
New Year's celebrations
First photos of 2004
Restaurants/coffee shops - people photos
Corner stores - exterior shots are often interesting because many of their wares are displayed outside. It would be fun to see how these stores differ by area and country.
Self-portrait of CAMERA. Can be done with mirror, reflecting glass, water, video monitor, etc. Photographer included in image or not? Maybe do a separate contest that requires the photographer in the shot as well.
Focal length - shots must be taken with a particular focal length, preferably of a subject that the focal length is not commonly used with. eg: wide angle for portraits, normal for landscape, etc. Not sure how feasible this would be due to the fact that not everyone will have the specified focal length.
Your barber. Post a photo of your barber. For those of you w/o hair, post a photo of...hmm...any other service provider that you see at least once a month and NOT on a professional or working basis. eg: gas station attendant, newspaper vendor, waiter/waitress, etc.
Pet store or animal shelter/adoption agency. If you want to see people make faces, just watch them ooh and aah over the little puppies and kittens. Give a copy of your best photo to the shelter.


MP Guy
12-17-2003, 11:14
Cityscapes or landscapes ?

back alley
12-17-2003, 11:16
hey lars, thanks for some great ideas.

to answer your ?'s...
it's not a competition and in the long run it doesn't really matter if all the topics are known. i was going for a little mystery and to make it more fun, but maybe that's a bit silly on my part.


12-17-2003, 14:15
ok ok Joe !

don't be scared by this sinister side but what do you thing about:

- Old graveyards and surroundings. Graveyard gardens, tombs, statues...

- Ruins / Abandoned structures, including both ancient and modern ruins.

- Echoes from the past. You know, traces of past times, like old abandoned farm machines, trains, closed old stores, and anything that remembers you times already gone than will never return. In one word, melancholy.

BTW Echoes from the past is the title of a song from the Black/Doom Metal group Marduk, if somebody's interested :D


MP Guy
12-17-2003, 18:59

You have an advantage with the "OLD" stuff since you live in a country with much history. Its not easy finding such things in the states :(

12-17-2003, 19:38
In addition to all the ones I sent you, I just came up with this: "Lazy afternoons."

Use your imagination for something that can bear that title... I can think of some of my own shots of Ben, for instance.

I like Lars's suggestions, and especially the one on focal lengths. At the Nikonians' forum they had one with the "intriguing" title "Back to the Fifties". Just dust off that old trusty 50mm lens!!

I'm sure this one has been offered already but here it goes: "Unfamiliar familiar", which can be a series of weird looks at familiar objects, puns on still life shots, semiabstracts... or "The Familiar Unfamiliar."

Technical shots: At noon, Shadows, Geometry... Already offered? Hmmm...

I'll keep my thinking cap on. :)

12-17-2003, 20:54
I know I've already suggested it but I'll say it again: self-portraits of our rangefinders! I think that would be a great way to kick off the series.


12-18-2003, 01:33
Originally posted by Jorge Torralba

You have an advantage with the "OLD" stuff since you live in a country with much history. Its not easy finding such things in the states :(

hmm, yes you're right here. But anyway, leaving out the "ancient" part, surely there are things near you with some kind of "past times" feeling.

In fact I wasn't thinking on the middle ages, but about things from the last century (XX), like for example that "classic" barber shops with the red-and-white bar on the door, old gas stations...

And what about abandoned structures (old factories...) and melancholy in general...

Human feelings (happiness, sadness, anger...) are also a huge source of images, but damned difficult to transfer into a picture !

Oh, and I second the Lars camera portraits project, and as he said, maybe we could split this into camera w/photographer and without.

And now I'm going, so now time is for you ;)

MP Guy
12-18-2003, 07:32
Here is an idea ...

Create a poll for selecting the project of the month from a list of many projects. The one with the most votes would be the winner for this month, the second most for next month an so on ....

12-18-2003, 08:20

I visited your PAW page and was very impressed. It's bookmarked.

12-18-2003, 09:27
Originally posted by znapschatz

I visited your PAW page and was very impressed. It's bookmarked.




12-19-2003, 13:24
I was thinking, whatever the theme of the monthly photo project we should not impose any restrictions on the technique and type of film used. :cool:

back alley
12-19-2003, 17:38
point taken peter.

i'm not planning on that - except for maybe a theme month where we set film or lens or some parameter that we all need to follow.

but truth be told, i just want to start simple and pretty much keep it simple.


12-23-2003, 04:56
Photo topic:

"Wide Open"

Make best use of the abberations/low-light ability of the standard/brightest lens for yer camera, all the way open.

I just shot a christmas party with my S2, at 1.4. Can't wait to see the pictures- all of people, all of what the camera was "designed" to shoot, wide open and close.