View Full Version : Why Zeiss delay?

Huck Finn
12-07-2004, 14:53
Cosina has posted an apology on the Zeiss page of their website for a delay of the Zeiss lenses. I can't get a translation of the details. Does anyone here read Japanese? Allen Gilman, are you out there?


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12-07-2004, 14:55
Maybe to help us poor members to save a bit more money for them ? :D ;)

JK, that's a pity, but I seriously doubt I could afford any of them... :(

Brian Sweeney
12-07-2004, 17:35
I caught a look at the new Sonnar 85mm F2. I wonder how it compares with my Nikkor...

Huck Finn
12-07-2004, 19:32
Brian, I think that "Sonnar" is a misnoma by Zeiss for this lens. Look at the Zeiss Ikon page on the 85/2. That drawing of the lens elements doesn't look like a Sonnar to me; it looks like a Planar. So, I wouldn't expect it to compare with your Nikkor, which is a classic Sonnar with distinctive fingerprints all its own. This new 85/2 may be a great lens, but it's a symmetrical design & I don't expect it to have the same look as the classic Sonnars.

12-07-2004, 20:43
Huck, I've used the babel fish to translate web pages. I couldn't find the apology, but I could translate much of the text. Babel fish won't work on text that's in pictures.


Huck Finn
12-07-2004, 20:50
Thanks for the suggestion, CleverName.

Yeah, I tried babelfish, but . . . Down at the bottom of the first Zeiss page are 3 announcements, most recent first. The first of these says "Apology for delay of Zeiss ZM mount lens sale." But when you click on this item, you get an untranslated page. I then tried to process the url of this specific page through babelfish. No luck. So, I can only fall back on my ability to read Japanese . . . which is zero. LOL