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12-07-2004, 11:14
Hello all,

I got the Agfa Karat that l.mar had available. The shutter freed up quite easily once I got the cocking lever back into its proper place and applied a little lighter fluid to it.

However, the focus is _extremely_ stiff. I presume this is due to the usual Agfa goop. Anyone know of any descriptions on the net of the hows of CLAing this camera? Also, anyone have a tip on a good lube to use once I do get it apart and cleaned off?

Also, does this require special film cassettes? I can't see how to fit a roll of film into it as it does not appear that the rewind shaft lifts up out of the way. Any clues greatly appreciated?



12-07-2004, 14:54
William, on my Karat, the rewind knob has a 2 position lift. The first stop is used to rewind film, pulling it up farther lifts the rewind prongs, freeing the film cassette.

I think the earlier models had a proprietary cassette, but the later models like mine could use the standard film cassette.

BTW, I have a Super Ikonta BMX 533/16 with Zeiss Opton f2.8 80mm Tessar lens. I just happened to notice your "someday" list.

12-07-2004, 15:23
Ah, that's the trick. It pulls a bit harder than I thought was needed and I didn't want to force things.

Yes, I do want one of those Zeiss folders. They just seem like a really fine camera, but good ones command too high a tag for me right now. Especially with the III bill that I'll have soon enough :eek:


12-07-2004, 16:11
I have a Karat which also had stiff focussing. While it clearly would have been better to take the lens apart, frankly, I was afraid. I loosened it by several applications over several days of lighter fluid, and then by a very light application of jeweler's oil. Then I had to clean the shutter leaves and the lenses. Not ideal, but the focussing is working fine. If you get it apart and can either tell me how or point me to some place on the web with good instructions, I may try it nonetheless.

12-07-2004, 16:25
Following Frank's tip, I've put a test roll into it and I'll see how bad it is in use. If it's too annoying, I'll get out the mini-screw drivers and go for it. Or...

When you put the fluid on the camera, how and where did you apply it?