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That Guy
12-02-2004, 10:59
I got back some prints earlier this week where I had used my recently acquired 90mm Lanthar. So far I've only really used it a few times. I shot a few indoors wide open. And a few outside at f8 or wider. I wanted to see what the lens was capable of. I noticed on some of the prints that my focal point was off a little. Not all, but some. First I started to wonder if my rangefinder was outta whack. But I don't think so. Instead I was thinking that maybe my RF base length is just a little short for this focal lenghth.

Anybody else having this problem? How are you working with it? Just focus real slow-like?

Huck Finn
12-02-2004, 14:15
Chris, what body was it mounted on when you were shooting?

That Guy
12-02-2004, 14:43
I had this on my Bessa R.

back alley
12-02-2004, 14:47
chris, i doubt that's the case. i've read where people have put 135 lenses on the r and it worked for them.
plus, cv isn't going to make & market a lens that wont work on one of their own bodies.


12-02-2004, 15:14
Trouble with the 75 here too, but only open and close. In general shooting situations I have not had a problem. I do think the longer lenses are just at the edges of the ability of the Bessas so you just have to be careful.

I guess I should restate what I said. Not trouble, but need for more care.

back alley
12-02-2004, 15:44
trouble with the 75? really?

maybe i'm really obtuse but i have not noticed any problems focssing with the 75.
if a have time this weekend maybe i'll try the 85/100/135 on the bessa and see what happens.


Brian Sweeney
12-02-2004, 16:55
I would check the RF calibration very carefully with the 50, note the distance, then mount the 75. On my Canon 7 I have had to add a piece of copper tape to a 135mm F3.5 Nikkor, much the same problem. It was actually the lens' RF cam.

back alley
12-02-2004, 17:03
out of curiosity i put the 85 and the 135 on the r just now.
the focus just popped into place. i know that means nothing but what surprised me was how nicely they balanced on the camera. i thought they might be too heavy for my petite r but it felt good.

this screws up all my pre-conceived notions about what lenses 'should' go what cameras.
just wanted to thank you boys for that...


12-02-2004, 17:09
I said it is just something that needs more care. Did they pop into focus as easily as your 35mm lens? I think the R is made for the 35mm focal length. It seems like every time I take my R2 out of my bag I don't need to focus, it is already there. The 75 just needs some thought, and like I said, only wide open and close.

back alley
12-02-2004, 17:22
hey rover,

yeah, the focus was easy with all the lenses.
i never had problems with the mamiya 150 on the 6 either and most people complained about that combo alot.

maybe i'm just a freak.
no comments thank you very much...


12-02-2004, 17:28
20/15 vision

back alley
12-02-2004, 18:30
i wear tri focals

12-03-2004, 02:41
Um..., Can we have another tester please?

back alley
12-03-2004, 06:05