View Full Version : Anyone using Gradonal

05-05-2006, 07:57
Hi everybody,

I use Gradonal-TriX as my developer-film combo.
Gradonal is a compensating developer produced
by some small company in Spain. It allows to
push Tri X two stops, although I haven't tried it
yet. I plan to develop some films shot at 1600
tonight, and I was thinking about leaving the film
in a 30% or 40% longer than the indicated time.
I tried the other day with some shots at 800,
and the results printed ok in grade 2, with plenty
of shadow detail and perfect highlights, but
I left the film in the soup 15% longer than the indicated
time. Well, I wonder if someone uses Gradonal
and wants to share information.


05-05-2006, 08:37
Do you mean 30-40% more than the suggested time?
or 30-40% more than the time you did for 800?
I'd suggest you follow the 2nd route, develop for 30-40% more than the time you used to get good negs at 800