View Full Version : Rollei XF 35

Rich Silfver
11-28-2003, 22:56
Does anyone out there have any personal experience with the Rollei XF 35 rangefinder camera?

I see them on eBay for 20-60 dollars and it looks like a beautiful camera with a nice Sonnar lens, built in meter and aperture priority.

Here's some basic info about the camera:
Rollei XF 35 (http://www.mediajoy.com/en/cla_came/RolleiXF35/)

It just seems to...can I say it... cheap for a Rollei with all this. Am I missing something here?


11-29-2003, 22:40
I'm not familiar with this model. The one current auction on eBay indicates it was made in Singapore. I think that would tend to lower the price, though this guy has a starting bid of $50 and the meter doesn't work!

11-30-2003, 16:28
i have one and it is a great little basic camera with a sharp, fast lens (as one would expect from rollei). the thing you have to watch with these cameras is that they are prone to lose their focusing ability. it is a minor adjustment of a screw underneeth the front cover under the finder, but something to watch out for when buying one.