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11-16-2004, 17:08

I own 2 olympus since one month: 35 SP and 35 rc (at first I prefered the RC, it's so small and pretty, but then SP model is very clever with EV scale on the lens barrel, and off course spot meter).

I've recently refoamed the 35 SP and I still have my first color roll in it. It's not easy to find nice subject in winter time.

On my RC, it's possible to switch it off, but on the 35 SP, I do not see any switch on the body or lens barrel to switch it off.

Will it drain the battery, or should I just let the case on the camera when I do not use it ? I use Weincell air zinc battery.

(Sorry for this stupid question)

Thanks Laurent

11-16-2004, 17:15
Not a stupid question at all, Laurent!

The SP does not have a switch - to turn off the meter, you remove the batteries - or put the camera in a case, which is supposed to turn off the meter.

I have to tell you - having owned the RC, SP, and RD - the RD is my favorite. Smaller than the SP, bigger than the RC, and with a fine lens. However, both the SP and the RC are fine, fine, cameras.


Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks

11-16-2004, 17:23
thank's very much for your advices Bill.

I'm gonna try to remove the battery. If my SP is doing a great job, I'll offer it to my father. SP is so rich of features with its big range of speed and good Cds lightmeter.

Kind regards to all, Laurent

11-17-2004, 13:27
Laurent, I asked this question some time ago as well, found strange that the camera didn't have any way to prevent battery draining other than taking out the battery.

I'll tell you what Rich Silfver here said, if you use the camera with the 1.35V replacement zinc air cells (or their cheaper equivalent hearing aid cells with an O-ring to get the necessary thickness), those batteries will start draining once you take off the little sticky seal they have.

That draining will happen no matter the camera is in its case or in the dark, and as hearing aid cells are so cheap, probably the easiest option is to leave them there permanently and replace them after their life period (some months).

Enjoy your SP ! :)


11-17-2004, 14:23
Hola Oscar.

Thank's for your confirmation. I did two things : I removed the batterry and replaced the sticky seal so as to hope it will stop battery drain.

We'll see, but I'm looking forward to finish my roll, just to see the result, though winters in Paris is really grey and sad.

Tomorrow is the "Beaujolais Nouveau" wine celebration. Though Beaujolais Nouveau is not an outstanding wine, I'll have a look at some bars for some good mood maybe...

Muchas gracias, Laurent

11-17-2004, 14:31
Laurent, you don't have to use Zinc air battery. Silver oxide batteries (SR44) works fine with the SP. You just need to compensate the extra voltage by setting the ISO setting by 2/3 stop higher.


You can also use black tape on that small window next to the viewfinder (the one with diamond shaped aperture) to "switch off" the meter.